For more than three decades – year 1980 to be exact – PT Adhi Cakra Utama Mulia has been supplying waterproof coating as well as other building chemicals.

As a local key player, the experience dealing with and understanding of a tropical nation with one of the heaviest rainfall in the world – led to quality chemicals most suitable to Indonesia's condition. Various brands of waterproof coating, waterproof membrane, cement modifier & concrete additives, surface protection and tile grout reinforce the company's standing as the leader in waterproof coating market.

The brands produced under PT Adhi Cakra Utama Mulia include Aquaproof, Aquaproof Polyester Mesh, Aquagard, Heatgard, Primer Waterproofing, Super Cement, Superfix, Betonmix, Supergrout, Hydroseal, Superpox, Dy-no-mite, Sealband, Deltatorch 3000 and Rustop.

With our commitment to quality, every marketed products have passed ISO 9001 management certification. Aquaproof in particular has received Superbrand Award in 2005 and Top Brands Award in 2009.